Sunday, November 13, 2011

What's in there???

Have you ever wanted to know if you were eating balanced?  or perhaps what vitamins/minerals you should add to balance out your diet?

There is an amazing website that my Medical Nutrition Professor showed me which does exactly that!  You enter what you ate and it calculates the values.... not just the Carbs/Proteins/Fats... it dives in deep!

Because it does track so many different things, I wanted to break down the summary screen:

The top triangle looks at the Carbs/Fats & Proteins balance.  Each point on the triangle represents a food you ate that day.  The White box represents the average.  Middle is good!

The second diagram on the top represents the nutritional value and fullness factor from the foods you ate.  Again each little white dot represents a food item and the white box represents the average.  Ideally you would like to be on the top right every day.

The bottom left is a grid that shows what vitamins you are and are not getting.  Based on the menu I entered I definitely need a multivitamin to hit where I should be hitting.  Gray represents a deficit.

The bottom right windshield looking graph are the amino acids consumed. 

On the far right there are two additional boxes without color.  These are very cool!  I have not seen another website that offers this break down.  When you have diabetes you should be watching what foods you eat that have high GI/GL numbers (will go into detail on another day but basically it means how quick the food is converted to sugar and high the spike) - lower is better.  For this day I rated a 42 which is very low, because I consider 50 high (not considered high for non-diabetics) I am right where I want to be.

The next box is the inflammation level of your foods.  Ever wake-up feeling like your swollen and can't explain why?  Might be because you ate a diet of foods that cause inflammation the day before.  I find that this specific box I am actually hypersensitive with.  After using this site for about 2 weeks, I have learned that this scale is right on to me "feeling" swollen or even "feeling" ill or not!  Each food has a inflammation score + or -.  Ideally you want to be balance with a slight tilt to the positive (anti-inflammatory).

The bottom grid is the breakout of vitamins again on grid.

There are many more tools and breakouts but I wanted to highlight the benefits of this site.

The major draw back to this site is that it does not store your information.  It only will review 1 day. 


It has been about a week since my last posting, I have been on the road and while I have learned much and done much towards Duck-A-Tude for health, nothing made it to the site.  SO expect a lot of great stuff this week!

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