Saturday, March 9, 2013

Back in the search for wellness!

Its been just over 2 years since the last post.  Its time to get back in the habit.... all the right habits!

In the 2 years I lost a lot of weight, 65 pounds at one point and gained some back.... ok more than I want to admit.  I learned from trying extremes and have managed my sugars incredibly well in through it all.  However, over the course of the last couple months the diabetes is starting to trending poorly, diabetic neuropathy has set in and I can't seem to get my sugars under control.... so its time to get serious again but this time, I plan to balance a fitness and nutrition wellness adventure using this blog as a means to capture some of that adventure. 

In 2011 I learned about a really cool device to help out with the wellness path.  Its from BodyMedia, it tracks food, exercise, sleep and weight.  You will read a lot about this in upcoming posts, as it is one of a couple of gadgets I plan on using on this next phase of my journey.

Another resource I am going to reference is ISSA:

I enrolled in a Certified Fitness Trainer course to not only get me moving more, increase my fitness knowledge but once I am successful at completing the complex, intense, course (received the books a couple days ago, now I study medical journals, clinical studies, disease states etc... for work and I have a strong awareness of the art of medical learning - I was highly impressed at how advanced the books are and to the level in which personal trainers train in this arena to support their profession, huge respect points kicked in when I took a quick glance at the training materials) finally after it is all said and done I plan on volunteering with various areas of the community to support wellness beyond myself.

Welcome to my wellness journey...... ready to get active?  I am!   See you tomorrow with the start of our Duck-a-tude fitness knowledge workout......