Diabetes Basics

This page is a work in progress...... as I blog about Diabetes, I will be populating this page with the critical to know pieces from the blog.  So check back often to see if there are any updates.

What ARE the blood ranges we should be shooting for?  The answer for me has shifted with each new pracitioner. 

Chart information taken from http://www.joslin.org/docs/Pharm_Guideline_Graded.pdf
Not every health care provider approaches diabetes the same way but it is good to understand the frame that which some prescribe against.  Joslin Diabetic Center posted their pharmaceutical guidelines for which they use as their standard operating practice for perscribing medicine.  It does a great job of breaking down the medications and in a relatively easy to understand way - explain where those medicines play.  At some point there will be a blog on these meds.... but thats getting a little ahead of us for now. 

Here is the link to the Pharm Guidelines:

Want to know what the standard of care guidelines for diabetes are???  Have some time on your hands?  Below is a link to the comprehensive guidelines published by the American Diabetes Association capturing the 2011 Standard of Medical Care for Diabetes.....